HEL - Improver 4036 N

Better, cleaner, cost-efficient

People heating with oil expect cost effectiveness and operational safety. Our additives even increase the performance of light heating oil HEL. Coldex Flow Improver for example optimizes cold properties of HEL and diesel fuel. Depending on the mixing ratio a pour point of -18 °C is possible.
Storage stability in holding tanks and dosage pipes is increased by HEL Improver 4036N with deodorant. This ashfree additive for all yellow and blue flame burners reduces sedimentation and improves filterability and lubricity. Thereby maintenance requirements are reduced and the heating system’s service life as well as operational safety are boosted. Combustion is clean and effficient. Depending on the heating system, the costs can be reduced by up to 8 %.

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With HEL Improver 4036 N
Storage stability is increased, maintenance requirements are decreased
Burns cleaner, thereby consumption is decreased
Keep the tank system free of micro-organisms and protect from corrosion
Less pump abrasion by improved lubricity
Reduces the impact on the environment by optimized combustion
Fewer emissions and soot
Higher efficiency by clean injection nozzles
Increased thermic stability
Deodorants cover up smells
Without HEL Improver 4036 N
Nozzles can get clogged and the tank must be cleaned more often
During burning coke forms inside the system, which increases fuel consumption and costs
Higher pollution
Fungi and bacteria can form and cause corrosion

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